Smog Check Results Review

On this page, we will address commonly asked questions around a failed smog.

Here are the questions:

My vehicle failed a smog inspection. What should I do?

If your vehicle failed a Smog Check, you need to have it properly diagnosed and repaired at a licensed Smog Check repair station prior to contacting the Smog Check Referee Program.

The Smog Check Referee Program does not provide diagnostics or repair services. To find a licensed Smog Check Repair Shop near you, visit the Bureau of Automotive Repair – Auto Shop Locator.

Am I eligible to utilize the Smog Check Referee Program services?

If you have properly diagnosed your vehicle after you have failed smog and still have reason to believe you should have passed, then you could be eligible for an initial appointment. This appointment would be a phone call appointment with the Referee to discuss your dispute.

Again, the Referee does not provide repair services and does not perform diagnostics. We only provide retests for eligible consumers. 

How soon can I schedule an appointment?

We require a failed smog on record to schedule a Referee Appointment and a reason for your appointment request. A failed smog shows in the vehicle’s history the next business day. For example, if you had a failed smog today, the earliest you can schedule an appointment is tomorrow. To view your vehicle’s smog history, visit the Bureau of Automotive Repair – Vehicle Test History.

I cannot afford my repairs. How can the Referee program help me?

The Referee Program does not provide financial assistance. If you need financial assistance for repairs please contact the Consumer Assistance Program by calling (866) 272-9642. 

If you have spent over $650 on emissions related repairs on your vehicle and it is still failing, you may be eligible for the Repair Cost Waiver. To learn more visit our Repair Cost Waiver page for more information.

Why did my vehicle fail the smog inspection?

Vehicles can fail a Smog Check for any number of reasons, some common reasons for failing a smog check include:

  • Excessive tailpipe emissions
  • Modified with non-approved parts or computer programing 
  • Check Engine light or OBD monitor failures
  • Faulty sensors or computer controls
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Other

What if I cannot repair my vehicle because the part is not available?

If your vehicle has failed a smog inspection due to a part that is no longer available, visit our Parts Locator Service page for more information.