Parts Locator Service (PLS)

In some cases the emission control part required to repair a vehicle can be difficult to locate. This is more common for older vehicles that are out of production. Typically the part is available from suppliers, and PLS assistance is not required. 

It is incumbent upon the vehicle owner (or their technician), to exhaust all typical parts supplier resources before contacting PLS. The PLS is only available to assist consumers in locating the correct part after they have contacted all applicable part suppliers. 

The Smog Check Referee Program has no control over the cost of parts. If you are seeking financial assistance for repairs, the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) may be an option for you. You can call them at 866-272-9642 to learn more about their program and eligibility requirements. 

To use the Parts Locator Service (PLS):

  1. You must be going through registration renewal (biennial) and have failed a smog inspection to be eligible for a parts exemption. Initial registration, transfers of ownership, or engine changes are not eligible.
  2. All other modifications and/or failures of the Smog Inspection (that are not directly related to the part in question), must be corrected.  
  3. Before contacting the Parts Locator Service, be sure you have exhausted all other avenues to locate your part(s). Below is a list of suppliers known to have access to hard to find parts. Contact the suppliers and purchase the part from the supplier of your choice if available. You are responsible for the cost of the part and any shipping fees.
    1. For Catalytic Converters: ​
    2. For Other Emission Control Parts Only (These do not supply Catalytic Converters):
      • Payless Parts at (800) 345-4294
      • Help Smog Parts at (800) 544-4357
    3. Other Resources:
      • Local Auto Parts Stores
      • Vehicle Manufacturer Dealerships
      • Online Retailers (Rockauto, Amazon, Ebay, etc)
  4. If you have verified that the part is not available, contact the Referee Call Center at 800-622-7733 for further instructions. Be prepared to provide the Smog Check Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), invoices for repairs and diagnosis, Engine Family Number (EFN) and the name of the part you are seeking.
  5. You will then be contacted by a Parts Locator Specialist, and it will be determined if there is an alternative part for your vehicle or if you are eligible for a Limited Parts Exemption. 
  6. If a Limited Parts Exemption is issued, you must contact the Referee Call Center at 1-800-622-7733. The Limited Parts Exemption will expire within 90 days, so you must contact the Referee Call Center as soon as possible after issuance. If the replacement part is available, regardless of the price of the part, the vehicle will not qualify for a Limited Parts Exemption or an Alternative Part.
  7. Again, all other modifications and/or failures of the Smog Inspection (that are not directly related to the part in question), must be corrected before any issuance of a Limited Parts Exemption can occur.