2000-2007 Honda Accord SULEV

REVISED: July 6, 2022

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*Disclaimer: These acceptable alternative CATs are an option only while the OEM CATs are unavailable for 2 weeks or longer. Once the OEM or CARB approved aftermarket CATs become available, installation of these alternative CATs will no longer be allowed.

Due to an increase in Catalytic Converter (CAT) thefts, we have been made aware that there are no replacement CATs available for these vehicles at this time (*see disclaimer below). For this reason, the Referee program has acceptable alternative CATs that can be used. If the EFN (Engine Family Number) for your vehicle is listed below, you will be permitted to use the alternative parts listed.

BAR Label Requirement: 

Once the alternative CAT has been installed, you will need to call the Referee Scheduling Center to schedule an appointment for a label to be installed on the vehicle (Note: The Referee Scheduling Center will require you to provide the EFN and Part Number before an appointment can be given). This label will authorize any Smog Check station to test your vehicle.

Eligible EFN:

Vehicle YearEFN#
2000 Honda Accord SULEVYHNXV02.3NL5
2001 Honda Accord SULEV1HNXV02.3BF9
2002 Honda Accord SULEV2HNXV02.3FK6
2003 Honda Accord SULEV3HNXV02.4KCP
2004 Honda Accord SULEV4HNXV02.4KCV
2005 Honda Accord SULEV5HNXV02.4ECV
2006 Honda Accord SULEV6HNXV02.4CMC
2007 Honda Accord SULEV7HNXV02.4CMC

If the EFN for your vehicle is listed above see below.

Note: When installing an aftermarket CAT on your vehicle, we suggest using an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) 02 sensor. Aftermarket 02 sensors have been known to cause check engine lights when used with some aftermarket CATs. If a check engine light is on even after an acceptable aftermarket CAT has been installed, vehicle will not pass smog. In addition, the mid bed O2 sensors on the CAT will also need to remain in the same configuration. Relocating the mid bed 02 sensor is not acceptable.  

Acceptable Catalytic Converters:

5561354 (recommended) or 5561355D-193-141Magnaflow
82996 (Direct-fit)D-182-67Walker
82895 (Direct-fit)D-182-64Walker
84560 (Direct-fit)D-182-74Walker

Be sure to keep your receipt for the purchased catalytic converter. In some cases it may need to be presented to the Referee at your appointment.

Example: John has a 2004 Honda Accord with EFN 4HNXV02.4KCV. The catalytic converter was stolen and there are no listed options available aftermarket and the dealership has them on backorder. Fortunately, the EFN is listed above so he can use any of the listed acceptable parts. Once installed, John called the Referee program to make an appointment for a label. John was asked by the Scheduling Center to provide the EFN and Part Number installed. Once provided, John was scheduled for an onsite appointment. The Referee affixed a label on the vehicle during the Referee appointment for the converter installed. This label authorized any Smog Check Station to test John’s vehicle.