2000-2007 Honda Accord SULEV

Attention Honda Accord Owners

We are pleased to inform you that Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) catalytic converters for 2000-2007 Honda Accord SULEVs are now available at Honda dealerships.

What does this mean for 2000-2007 Honda Accord SULEV owners?

Effective August 1, 2023

  • Honda original equipment manufacturer (OEM) catalytic converters are the only legal, compliant catalytic converter that may be installed on 2000-2007 Honda Accord SULEVs
  • There will not be any aftermarket alternative catalytic converters considered acceptable or approved for installation on 2000-2007 Honda Accord SULEVs
  • Installation of any aftermarket alternative catalytic converter on 2000-2007 Honda Accord SULEVs will cause the vehicle to fail a smog inspection

Take immediate action and ensure you use the correct OEM catalytic converter in order to avoid smog check failure and other consequences.

Catalytic converter prices are determined by the manufacturer.

Thank you for ensuring only the OEM catalytic converter is installed on your vehicle.  

REVISED: August 1, 2023