Services Overview

Smog Check Referees perform an array of vehicle services in addition to smog tests, including:

  • Reviewing Smog Check Results: If you have concerns about the results of your smog test and would like a third party evaluation, you may be eligible for Referee services.
  • Resolving an emissions-related citation: A Referee can inspect your vehicle and provide guidance on bringing it into compliance if you have received a ticket for modified emission controls or excessive exhaust noise. 
  • Locating hard-to-find vehicle parts: Sometimes, the emission control part required to repair a vehicle can be hard to find. Give us a call and we can assist in tracking down the part.
  • Helping consumers obtain Repair Cost Waivers: Repairing your vehicle in time to renew registration can be costly. Find out if you are eligible for a waiver that allows you additional time to complete repairs..
  • Verifying smog check exemptions: Did you receive a notice from the DMV stating that your smog-exempt vehicle requires a smog check? Referees can verify that your vehicle is exempt and issue an Exempt Certificate so you can complete your registration renewal.
  • Inspecting unusual vehicles: Some vehicles require special smog services. Referees can inspect Specially Constructed Vehicles (kit cars), vehicles with engine changes, modified vehicles, and other vehicles with unusual operating characteristics or designs.