OBDM Device Enrollment

Has your vehicle's computer programming and/or OBD monitors failed at the Referee? If you qualify, we can send you an On-Board Diagnostics Monitoring Device (OBDM Device). The device will help to determine that your vehicle has been properly repaired.

If you were approved by an authorized State Referee employee to use the OBDM device, read the following information to sign up.

The OBDM Device monitors a vehicle’s OBD system data and helps determine when the vehicle has been repaired and ready to be tested. It connects directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port and it is a simple/uncomplicated plug-in device. Once the device’s data indicates that the problem has been corrected, you will be notified by one of our authorized personnel via phone and/or email. You will then be able to get your vehicle tested at any smog check station.  

NOTE: This device will ONLY monitor the vehicle’s OBD system data. It will NOT monitor or track the vehicle’s location.   

To utilize this device, a $146 security deposit payment is required (debit and credit only). After use, you may receive your full refund by returning the device to the Foundation for California Community Colleges. Please note, refund will not be issued if the device is in damaged condition.

If within 90 days the vehicle has not been repaired and the OBD system is still in a failing condition, please return the device to the Foundation for California Community Colleges. The device must be in good working condition in order to receive the full refund. 

To submit an application and a security deposit payment, please click the following link. The device will be shipped to the address listed on your application form within 5-10 business days (NO P.O. BOX Address). Please note, the package will contain a pre-paid return shipping label; however, it will expire 30 days after the date of issue. To request for a new return shipping label, please email RefDocs@FoundationCCC.org. 

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NOTE: Vehicles with modified programming may be difficult to repair, and in some cases the vehicle’s computer (and other systems) may need replacement in order to be returned to the original, approved, condition. Repairs of this type require that the vehicle be repaired by a competent technician that is familiar with restoring modified programming. Factory dealership or independent technicians may or may not be able to correct the modifications, it is incumbent upon the vehicle owner to have the programing restored.