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Smog Exemptions

If you received notice from the DMV that your vehicle requires a smog check but you believe you are exempt, contact the Referee Call Center to obtain a verification of exemption.

Smog exempt vehicles can include:

  • Older vehicles (Gasoline powered vehicle models from 1975 or older or diesel powered vehicles from 1997 or older)    

  • Electric vehicles

  • Natural gas powered vehicles with a GWR rating of more than 14,000lbs

  • Trailers

In counties that require smog checks, most vehicles are required to be tested every other year. If your vehicle is less than six years old, you will pay an annual smog abatement fee instead of getting a smog check for the first six years. Not sure if your vehicle is exempt? Contact our call center to find out.

What you should know about hybrid vehicles

Hybrids are not exempt from smog checks. Like many 2000 year model and newer vehicles, hybrids are required to obtain a smog inspection every 2 years. Hybrids undergoing change of ownership or being registered for the first time in California will also be required to obtain a smog inspection. Details are available on the Bureau of Automotive Repair website.



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