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Smog Check Results Review

If you have concerns about the results of your smog test and would like a third party evaluation, you can make an appointment with the Referee.

Smog Check Referees operate by statewide California smog standards and are backed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, so you can feel confident that the results you receive are official and will not vary between stations. If you find yourself questioning your last smog check results, a Referee can inspect your vehicle. If it fails, the Referee will provide you with a Vehicle Compliance Checklist for your technician. Please remember the Referee cannot perform diagnostics or repairs.

Some common reasons for failing a smog check include:

  • Your vehicle has been modified with non-approved aftermarket parts 

  • Your vehicle requires emissions-related repairs

  • Faulty oxygen or other sensor

  • High levels of HC, CO, & NOX

  • Vacuum leaks

Didn’t pass your test at the Referee station? Here’s what happens next:

  1. The Referee will explain the test results and provide you with a Vehicle Compliance Checklist for your technician. 

  2. Have the required diagnostics and repairs completed at an authorized repair shop. Please remember that the Referee cannot provide diagnostics or repairs.

  3. Contact the Referee Scheduling Center for another appointment. Make sure to bring all required paperwork and get your vehicle in testable condition.


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