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Parts Locator Service

Sometimes, the emission control part required to repair a vehicle can be hard to find. Give us a call and we can assist in tracking down the part.

This is a common problem for consumers who either own older vehicles that are out of production, or Specially Constructed Vehicles requiring parts that are not widely available.

To use the Parts Locator Service:

  1. To be eligible, you must either be 1) going through registration renewal 2) registering an out of state vehicle for the first time 3) going through transfer of ownership. You must have a failed smog test. Make sure to keep a copy of the failed Vehicle Inspection Report. 

  2. Contact our call center at 1.800.622.7733 and be prepared with the Smog Report and specific information about your vehicle.

  3. A representative will provide names and numbers of three or more suppliers that may have the part you need.

  4. Contact the suppliers and purchase the part from the supplier of your choice if it is available. You are required to pay for the part and any shipping costs.

  5. If the part is unavailable, call the call center back. In some cases, you may be issued a “Limited Parts Exemption,” which will be mailed to you.

  6. If you receive a "Limited Parts Exemption", schedule a smog test at a Referee station and bring the Limited Parts Exemption. If your vehicle passes all other aspects of the inspection, you will receive your Smog Check Certificate.


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