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Eligible Vehicles

If your vehicle cannot be tested at a regular smog station, you may be eligible for services at a Referee station.

Eligible vehicles may include:

  • Specially Constructed Vehicles such as kit cars.

  • Dune buggies or off-road vehicles.

  • Grey market vehicles (vehicles coming in from out of the country).

  • Vehicles labeled as Gross Polluters (vehicles that have failed a smog test at two times the legal limit). Note: Gross Polluters are only required to see a Referee if there are no STAR or Test-Only stations in their area.

  • Vehicles modified to accommodate people with disabilities.

  • Ineligible vehicles:

  • Motorcycles

  • Older gasoline or diesel vehicles (ask a call center representative to find out if your vehicle is within the limits).

  • Some—but not all—Referee stations are equipped to test RVs.

If you are not sure whether a Referee is authorized to inspect your vehicle, contact our call center.


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