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Consumer Testimonials

Here are some comments from some of our consumers. Want to share your story? Send us a note at:
Foundation Smog Referee Program

1102 Q St., Suite 4800

Sacramento, CA 95811

"Thank you all BAR staff for having this great resource at the hands of citizens. It is very convenient and helpful. The Referee did a very good job! In my modest opinion, seems like all is good and working in perfect order."

“I’ve never received such precise information from a call center agent in the past. The directions were on point and the agent was very polite and professional.”

"I wish I would have known about the Referee services sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time and money."

"The Referee was very friendly and it was a joy working with him. What I learned has changed me from a bitter citizen, thinking I was targeted by highway patrol, into a grateful citizen. Getting the ticket and visiting the Referee has allowed me to become a preventative citizen."

"The call center agent was so helpful. He gave me more information than any other entity I’ve spoken to. Now I know exactly what steps I need to follow."

"The Referee was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable."

"Thank you for granting me the Repair Cost Waiver. This will allow me to renew my registration and continue making repairs."

"Without the Repair Cost Waiver, I would not be able to drive to work. Thank you for this great program!"


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